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Our highly educated, Compassionate and happy team works with our patients to approach dental care preventatively. We are conservative in our treatment plans, and these are based on sound, scientific evidence. We customize dental care so that you receive the care that you need, in a way that works best for you.  We are committed to continuous innovation, and making dentistry affordable for our patients.



The dentists and all our staff at San Angelo Dental offer an array of dental services to aid you in achieving the flawless smile you would love to have smiling back at you in the mirror. We leverage the presently available, advanced technologies & techniques, available in the field of dentistry. We aim, first and foremost, to listen to our patient's concerns, and provide you with the means to regain the youthfullness of your smile. Whether a tooth needs a filling, crooked teeth require straightening, or you require a smile makeover, San Angelo Dental will lay out a treatment plan that is ideal for your requirements. 

Why San Angelo Dental?


  • We stand behind our work

  • Highly educated and compassionate, happy staff ready to go the extra mile.

  • We are affordable. 

  • We are recognized as innovators of dental care.

  • Our team is intensely caring.We provide a highly customized dental experience.

  • We are a fully electronic office, and provide concierge level service to answer your questions at all times.

  • We take a preventative approach emphasizing and teaching good oral health to all patients.

  • We offer comprehensive services, bringing into San Angelo Dental any dental specialists or dental appliances that you need.

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